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Our customer service is tailored to every customers' needs, always timely and informative.


We have many professional painters that specialize in their own discipline. From painting portraits, landscape, to pets and modern art!

Exceptional Artists

Our paintings are created by real professional artists by hand

Amazing Quality

We use only the highest quality inks, the most advanced printing technology and we use 60/40 cotton canvas to provide a long lasting canvas print.


Artistic Effects

Digital photo artistic techniques are used by all leading photographers.  It adds that special something to your canvas.  We at Canvas Memories are proud to provide you with the following optional image effects FREE of charge.    

  1. Convert your photo to Black and White.
  2. Convert your photo to Sepia
  3. Add colour highlights to your Black and White photo (up to two highlights per photo)

If you would like any of your photos to be re-touched please include this information on your Order Form.

New Image Filters!

We're introducing new image filters! If you're interested in converting your photo into a comic book or sketch drawing let us know. A few sample images are included below. They work great with shapes that have strong edges. Basic filter applications are included for all canvas orders. Additional enhancements may be subject to a small fee.

Comic Book Style

Noir Sketch Drawing

Pastel Sketch Drawing

Old Paper Drawing

Original Image

Comic Book Style

Black and White Sketch Drawing

Pastel Sketch Drawing

Noir Sketch Drawing




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To find out what makes Canvas Memories so special and learn more information, tips and additional resources, visit our frequently asked questions.

Fast and Reliable

If there's a wedding photo, family portrait or vacation photo you want transfered onto a canvas print or to recreate it in an oil painting we're here to help you. We work hard to give you the best quality product as quickly as possible.


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